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Reasons that Slife was closed

After you opened Slife in the first time, it will run in the background, so even if you close the app, it still counts your step, path, and calorie. However, the app can be closed in the following situations. If so, you need to open it again to get it running.

1. Background App Refresh was turned off for Slife (iPhone Settings app > General > Background App Refresh)
Please enable this feature for Slife. Slife cannot work in the background without it.
2. Location services were turned off for Slife. You can turn them on in iPhone settings > Privacy > Location Services.
3. Slife has just been updated to a new version. After updated to a new version, you need to launch it manually to activate it.
4. When you run some game apps that consumes lots of RAM, iOS may kill all apps running in background to free memory. We recommend you to launch Slife after you run games to make sure it's running.
5. Slife was closed manually in the multi-tasking interface (this is the view by double pressing the home button).
6. Disabled the item “Enable Slife” in App settings.
7. Phone was powered off, and rebooted.

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