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PB with MYNT and Application


It make some month i am using MYNT, i did buy it on Indiegogo.
And i have some problems :
- First, my MYNT take too much batteries, i already used the 2 batteries... 1 Battery is dead after about between 2 and 3 month...
I am very very far from the 1 year...
- Second, on some MYNT, i doesn't want they ring when i am far from they so on the app, i did the "MYNT alarm" to OFF.
But if i wan't to find them and make it ring, it doesn't ring at all... even if i am at 1m from the MYNT... That's a big problem...
- And the last one, my MYNT application is always on, when i reboot my phone, first thing, i restart the app.
For exemple this morning, (i have a MYNT in my car) and i look at my app to see where my car was and the app told me she was : still at home instead telling me she was on my office (which is 10 minute away by car from my home).

Is there already bug like that or my configurations on the app are wrong ?
Will be there some firmware upgrade or app update ?

Kind regards,

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